National University Hospital (NUH) Annual Leader Immersion

Overcoming Obstacles With Expertise

Our lecturers have once again proved to be inspirational and resilient role models in the hospitality industry. On the 28th of June, our lecturers headed down to National University Hospital (NUH) for an Annual Leader Immersion. This annual opportunity is for experienced industry practitioners to be reintroduced back to the hospitality industry where they can apply their expertise on this area.

This large-scale event at National University Hospital was also to commemorate NUH’s 32 years of innovative healthcare and dedication to patients. Our lecturers – a strong team of Mr. Arun Pakalapati, Mr. Isaac Joshua, Mr. Barry Hayes, Mr. Edwin Yeong, and Mr. Clarence Lua delivered exceptional service to a huge scale of 2000 guests; including influential dignities from the medical industry, NUH staff, and other guests.

To manage this massive operation, our lecturers split into 2 groups. The first group, consisting of MrArunPakalapati and Mr Isaac Joshua, skillfully managed the Alfresco. The second group, consisting of Mr. Barry Hayes, Mr. Edwin Yeong, and Mr. Clarence Lua, were in charge of overseeing the Banquet Hall where many distinguished guests were mingling. Ms Gan Yee Huey was also present to provide assistance.

As the guests poured in, both groups immediately jumped into action and efficiently maintained the food flow, service, and operation. They also demonstrated leadership qualities to identify right staff, which is crucial for this operation. With the help of just 12 staff, both groups were highly engaged, focused, and handled many unforeseen obstacles in their way.

Our lecturers have once again showed their strong expertise in the hospitality field by bringing service-operations theory to life. They are in touch with latest perspectives of hospitality and understand the complexities within this industry.

The lecturers said it was an enjoyable yet challenging experience. We couldn’t agree more!


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