Organisational Behaviour

Organisation Behaviour (OB) is an interdisciplinary field that aims to better understand and manage people in the workplace. It is oriented towards research and application.

This course is designed to acquaint learners with the theories of behaviour of people in social organisations. It also covers topics like managing organisational changes.

Course Objectives

Organisational Behaviour is a field of study that aims to understand the interaction of individuals and groups in the workplace. It is a research-based field, which also draws on knowledge gained by various other disciplines, chiefly:


Dedicated to understanding the values, attitudes, perception, motivation and decision making of individuals. Organisational Behaviour places this understanding in the perspective of the workplace and strives to perceive, predict and control the effects of individual differences that each employee necessarily brings with them into the organisation.

Political Science

The study of political systems, government, conflict and resource distribution is utilised by Organisational Behaviour in order to gain insight into the relationship between management and employees and the effectiveness of various leadership styles. Conflict, its causes and its resolution are also of great interest to the field of Organisational Behaviour.


Focusing on the manner in which various groups interact in terms of leadership, cohesiveness, motivation and efficacy of teams. The field of Organisational Behaviour utilises knowledge gained from this study to understand specifically how these interactions play out in the working environment, drawing also on Anthropology to enhance the accuracy of these ideas in and between various cultures.

This course aims to give learners a grounding in understanding the interactions that occur within organisations and how to influence the manner in which they take place and the outcomes they produce.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the learners should be able to:

1. Compare a range of common organizational structures

2. Outline the foundations of individual behaviour

3. Utilise theories on group behaviour and team interaction in enhancing organisational performance

4. Recommend appropriate leadership styles for different situations

5. Explain common types of power and their uses in politics, conflict and negotiation

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Academic Requirement: Complete secondary school education or its equivalent.

Mode of Delivery

  • The method of teaching consists of multiple delivery dimensions like face-to-face lectures, individual and group discussions, case analysis, demonstration, role-plays and project assignments.

Assessment Methods

The learning outcomes will be assessed in the following forms:

  • Online Participative Quiz (20%)
  • Project: Written Assignment (Individual/Group) (20%)
  • Project: Presentation (Individual/Group) (20%)
  • Final Assessment (50%)

Progression Pathway

This is not a pathway programme.

Course Duration

  • Full-time: 50 hours (Including 2.5 hours assessment)
  • Part-time: 50 hours (Including 2.5 hours assessment)

Next Available Intake(s)

  • January, May, August, October
  1. An understanding of what Organisational Behaviour is and how it dictates organisational structure.
  2. An understanding of the foundations of individual behaviour.
  3. An understanding of the foundations of group behaviour, team interaction and communication.
  4. An understanding of approaches to and issues in leadership.
  5. An understanding of power, politics, conflict and negotiation.


Course Fees$90/pair ($96.30 w GST)


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  • Local Applicant: Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • International Applicant: International students including international students transferring from other local institutes

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