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FAQ for Current Students

Booking of classrooms for self-study purpose is not permitted. Alternatively, you may use the School’s library and designated study areas.

For Diplomas, it will be released one month after the date of the last examination for the programme.

A student who is unable to attend a main examination must obtain prior written approval from the School for the intended absence. The student concerned must submit “Student Request Form” with supporting documentary evidence to the Student Services Executive at least 14 calendar days (depending on reasons for absence) before the examination for approval.

Leave of absence may be granted on the following grounds:

  1.  Reservist training for male Singapore Citizens/PR;
  2. Acceptable medical conditions;
  3. Bereavement of parents, spouse or children;
  4. Official overseas assignment.

The decision to accept the student’s reason for absence is at the sole discretion of the School, whose decision is final. The student who fails to attend an examination without prior approval will be deemed to have failed the main examination.

Results for Diploma and Advanced Diploma classes are released 4 to 6 weeks after completion of the examination of the module.

Please check with the Student Services Department.

The changes may be due to the following reasons: changes in dates by lecturers; replacement for public holidays; ad-hoc changes due to facilities / equipment requirements.

All assignments are to be submitted directly to the lecturers, unless otherwise indicated by their lecturers. The student should indicate his / her name, student number, NRIC/Passport No., and the subject on his / her assignment.

Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as if it were your own, whether you mean to or not. ‘Someone else’s work’ means anything that is not your own idea, even if it is presented in your own style. It includes material from books, journals or any other printed matter, the work of other students or staffs, information from the Internet, software programmes and other electronic materials, designs and ideas without prior permission or proper reference of sources. It also includes the organisation or structuring of any such material.

Students found submitting work done by other people or submitting work with large portions of unacknowledged material will face disciplinary action and may face expulsion from the course of study.

It is important for students to inform the School in writing of any changes in personal particulars including name, NRIC/Passport No., address and contact number.

Failure to notify the School will result in inconvenience including inability to notify students concerned of any changes in class schedules, notification of examination results, etc.

Students in full-time programmes are required to fulfill a minimum class attendance of 90% (international students)* and 75% (local students) for each module; failing which they will be barred from attending the examination for that module.

*For international students, 90% attendance is compulsory to meet the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) requirements.

Students in the part-time programmes are required to fulfill a minimum of 75% class attendance for each module; failing which they will be barred from attending the examination for that module.

All absenteeism has to be accompanied with proof such as a medical certificate or letter from the relevant authorities.

For information on further studies with SISH and our partner universities, you may contact our Student Consultants at 6506 1299 or email to Our friendly and helpful Consultants will be able to advise you on the pathway you may wish to pursue.


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