English Language Short Courses

Learning bitesize online English courses will progressively develop the learners’ competency to the respective proficiency level in four language skills essential to effective communication for future career development and further education opportunities: speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the following levels:

1. Elementary English Level 1

2. Elementary English Level 2

3. Pre-intermediate English Level 1

4. Pre-intermediate English Level 2

5. Intermediate English Level 1

6. Intermediate English Level 2

7. Upper Intermediate English Level 1

8. Upper Intermediate English Level 2

The online English language courses are designed for the learners to:

  1. Acquire the ability to use English in a wide variety of situations for future career development and as a language entry requirement to higher education.
  2. Acquire the skills and strategies for effective language learning.
  3. Develop competence commensurate to the respective proficiency level in four language skills essential to effective communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Placement Test

Placement test will be given to applicants to assess their level of English before they are assigned to their respective courses.

  • The Placement test takes approximately 2 hours to administer. The test consists of 4 parts: Part 1 – Listening, Part 2 – Language in Use, Part 3 – Writing, Part 4 – Speaking.
  • Speaking competency is assessed in a 10-minute interview with an English teacher.
  • Speaking is assessed based on IELTS speaking test grading criteria, namely, Fluency, Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.

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