4 Reasons for Studying Hospitality & Tourism Management in Singapore

Do you love to travel and experience new places? Do you enjoy interactions with people from different cultures? Is your dream to make a career in a fast-moving and growing industry?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is “yes”, then studying for a hospitality degree might just be the best decision you ever make!

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose Hospitality and Tourism studies in Singapore

Be part of an exciting industry

Being in the business of “making people’s day” often has the effect of making your own. The hospitality industry career does not have to revolve around a typical nine-to-five schedule. You might find that you have a plan for how your day will unfold, but a call from a regular hotel guest or sudden change in business volume sends you off in a different direction.

Those who succeed in this industry thrive in change and contingency planning – if you want to think on your feet and always expect the unexpected, a career in hospitality and tourism is for you.

Opens the door to the world

The hospitality and tourism industry is a global industry that offers many opportunities for you to develop a career around the world. Day to day, you would interact with international travelers from different cultures and backgrounds with interesting and diverse stories to share.

Hospitality people have a sense of adventure and are keen to discover new cultures and meet new people.

Acquire vital skills

Creating great customer experiences and achieving business objectives is key to hospitality management.  A successful manager in the hospitality industry not only must have excellent operational knowledge and management know-how, but he must also be an effective communicator who listens to his customers and anticipates their needs; a creative problem solver; and a team player who is agile and adaptable.

These attributes and skills are highly valued in any industry.

Many career options

Hospitality is not just about hotels and restaurants. Hospitality graduates also build careers in travel and tourism, leisure and theme parks, international cruises and airlines, event and conference management, luxury retail and spa, food production and hospitality supplies etc. Our graduates have also taken up roles in sales and marketing and finance and HR in other sectors or started up their own businesses. Studying hospitality will open up a world of endless opportunities!

SISH’s curriculum is conducted through a combination of classroom learning and on-the-job training. With a careful blend of lectures, hands-on discovery, discussions, and projects, we allow room for creative thinking and problem-solving. Our students go on to graduate with cutting edge knowledge of the best industry practices, as well as a service innovation mindset.

As a mosaic of culture and activity, the school has an eclectic, multi-cultural study body, where you get to interact with your classmates from all of Asia, Europe, and more! This prepares you for the multicultural workplace environment in our increasingly globalized world.

While the hospitality and tourism industry may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic now, it will certainly recover, transform, and flourish again like it did so many times in the past. This is the perfect window to pick up the skills you need to be successful once the industry takes off again.

Join us now at SISH to start your hospitality & tourism management journey!

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