ADHTM Luncheon: Lotus Restaurant

Today, our first group of our ADHTM students successfully completed their Luncheon Assignment. They brilliantly put together a captivating and soulful Chinese theme to the restaurant concept, atmosphere, 3-course menu, costume, and dishes.

Entitled Lotus Restaurant, the team opened at 1pm to welcome invited patrons.




The team made sure the restaurant was spotless before opening their doors.

The students painstakingly pasted a series of lovely oriental decorations on the walls of the restaurant – giving it an instant boost of aesthetics.

Beautifully designed menus were placed on every table. A very clear and informative guide on the 3-course meal with detailed explanation on each dish. It was very refreshing and pleasant to see a menu that is inclusive for special dieters with vegan, vegetarian, and low-calorie options.

Despite a small technical hiccup in the beginning, the team worked together and managed to overcome the issue quickly. Food arrived promptly, warm and appetizing.

The team received many delightful compliments on the taste of the main course; Gua Mian (handmade Chinese noodles) and their drinks; Wang Lao Ji (traditional sweet tea) and Pink Slip Mojito (Watermelon Mint).




With great artistic touch, Mandarin hits playing in the background, an amazing service team clad in traditional Chinese costumes, mouth-watering food, and intriguing desserts (Arabian Jasmine Tea with Pineapple Cake), this team of student have outdone themselves. Well done, guys!


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