ADHTM Luncheon: SHAKA Restaurant

Today, our second group of ADHTM students successfully completed their luncheon assignment. The team pulled off an experiential dining concept with excellent service, atmosphere, and food. With the lively theme song of an old Disney classic; Lilo and Stitch playing in the background, colourful Hawaiian wall decorations, tiki-inspired themes, and service crew clothed in bright prints, patrons are instantly transported to a bar at a beach resort in Honolulu.




The vibrant theme of the restaurant is reminiscent of aloha vibes in full swing at a tropical paradise. Each patron was presented with a lei (garland). In Hawaiian culture, a lei is presented upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection.




Food was prompted served by an attentive team. Each course was savoury and appetizing.






The vegetarian main course – Mauna Kea (Hawaiian style fried rice served with an array of fresh vegetables, topped with a sweet and spicy sauce) was a plate of yummy goodness.



Photos by Jaspal from ADHTM

The drink – Pirate Eye (a wonderful trio of lime, mint, and lychee) concocted by a single bartender at the bar was smooth and garnished beautifully – a tropical taste of the Hawaiian islands.




Patrons left the restaurant feeling joyfull (joyous and full from the meal, in case you didn’t catch that). The back crew; students who were in the washing area and kitchen were also working hard behind closed doors – pushing out dishes after dishes, and cleaning up quickly to let in new patrons. Imbued with that distinctive mahalo spirit, this ADHTM group of students has outdone themselves as they demonstrated teamwork and an interesting presentation of the Hawaiian cuisine and culture.


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