Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management: Travel Agency Presentation

This morning, our Bachelor’s students set up and presented their Travel Agency Presentation at Naumi Classroom.

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Students are engaged in a fun roleplay of travel agents with the responsibilities to market travel destinations and tour packages, as well as offer unique travel experiences to “guests”. The main objective of this student-led learning activity is to involve our Bachelor’s students to prepare them for work experience and engage in discussions with their fellow peers.

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Students are given a platform to generate marketing strategies to advertise travel destinations in Asia with scope to use their own ideas and creativity. Such a fun activity provides our students with the opportunity to experience the world of work in travel such as client servicing, giving well-informed, appropriate travel advice to clients, being aware of points of interests in different cities and areas, and managing flights, insurance and accommodation.

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This is an essential part of learning in hospitality management as Singapore hit a record high in tourist arrivalsspecial-interest tourism is a rapidly growing trend, and tourism the industry would be worth about 11 trillion US dollars globally by 2018.

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We hope by integrating active learning activities into our curriculum, we help to foster a sense of competence and encourage a collaborative environment for our students.


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