Bachelor’s Students Group 4: Travel Agency Presentation

Last Thursday, the fourth and last group of Vatel Bachelor students presented their Travel Agency Presentation.


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In this activity, students are engaged in a fun role play of travel agents with providing travel and tourism related services such as promoting and marketing the business, dealing with customer queries, and providing advice about visas, passports, currency rates, and the climate.


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Group 3 came up with creatively designed collaterals with focus on 3 travel destinations in South East Asia: Myanmar, Philippines, and Vietnam. With this student-led learning activity, the main objective is to involve students to prepare them for work experience in the tourism industry and help to hone their critical and communication skills, as well as customer service skills such as product knowledge, diligence, and tact.


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We have come to the end of this student assignment. We hope through such an engaging learning space, students can gain valuable insights and help to provide an understanding of the customer orientated industry.


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