Bakery Class Singapore – Anyone can bake!

Here at Institute for Lifelong Learning, we have spent long hours designing a program that can equip learners with basic baking skills in 1 day! We offer engaging and interactive hands-on bakery classes in Singapore which allow participants to experience the entire baking journey.

These 1-day workshops cover everything from ingredient use, techniques, and tips to bake and pipe cakes and cookies. The bakery classes are done in a small group, and individual workstation with baking equipment to ensure learners receive maximum support from the instructors.

Our Skillsfuture bakery classes; Café Style Cakes, Creative Cookie Workshop, and Japanese Breadmaking are suitable for beginners with no baking experience and aspiring bakers.

Our Japanese Breadmaking class features both hand kneading and stand mixer techniques where you will learn how to make bread such as Takoyaki Bun, Matcha Azuki Twist, and Shio Pan. Our class size is small (capped at 8pax) so that we can ensure a good and conducive learning environment for the learners.

In our bakery class conducted in Singapore, we focus on the techniques and skills that can be further developed into talent. With practice, you can become a home baker or even a professional pastry chef.

Want to learn about how you can produce a nicely decorated cake? Join us in our Earl Grey Lavender Cake or Cafe Style Cakes workshop where you get to learn tricks and tips from our chef instructors behind the art of cake decoration. 

Explore the world of cookies with us where our instructor will share the different variations of this “bundle of joy”, before going full action on baking four different types of cookies! 

View all of our available Bakery Courses in Singapore, most are SkillsFuture Credit eligible


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