Beer Appreciation Workshop by Paulaner Bräuhaus

Yesterday, our DHO (Diploma in Hospitality Operations) students attended a Beer Appreciation Workshop by Paulaner Bräuhaus, Singapore’s only German Microbrewery & Restaurant which produces handcrafted premium quality beers. Mr Arun (Deputy Programme Head), Mr Edwin (Head of E-Learning), and Ms Kai (Adjunct Lecturer) were also present to help facilitate the workshop.


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The German establishment has an in-house microbrewery nestled within the bar and restaurant itself. The workshop was held in a huge high-ceiling hall complete with a brewing station and a serving counter. Students went for a fun brewery tour where students get to discover how beers are made with ingredients such as malt. Students were then served a variety of beers and sat through an engaging presentation about the illustrious heritage and history of beer making, as well as the variety of beer. The workshop also taught the students to utilize a sensory approach to ingredients such as malt in the beer – the facilitator emphasis greatly on touch, smell and taste the different kinds of malts and hops that are used to craft some of the finest beers in the world today.


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We hope the DHO students have enjoyed their afternoon at Paulaner Bräuhaus and have learned a few tips and secrets of beer making. Such an experiential out-of-classroom activity helps students to have a defining learning journey with SISH, especially for alcohol beverages – which is an integral aspect of hospitality.

NOTE: SISH Institute is committed to the responsible consumption of alcohol. The legal drinking age in Singapore is 18 – the legal age to buy liquor or alcoholic beverages and drink liquor in any licensed premises is 18.


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