Blended Learning Experience

Advanced Diploma student Tran Nguyen Anh Thu (Tina) embraces the new normal and shares her blended learning experience with us!

“In this present situation, our classes are conducted online as well as on campus. One might think that an online class is not as good, compared to being in a physical classroom, however, personally, I feel that it is comparable. 

During our online classes, we still continue to do presentations, via screen sharing, and I get to practice my public speaking skills in the comfort of my home with my lecturer’s supervision.

Having my lessons on campus is also great as I get to discuss topics with my classmates face-to-face. SISH is very meticulous and upholds a high standard in the sanitisation, as well as enforcing social distancing measures. This reassures me that I have a safe environment to study in.

Studying at SISH gives me the feeling that no matter what circumstances we are in, we are still able to pursue our dreams. Thank you SISH Institute!”


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