Blended Learning Experience: Nguyen Thi Hai Nhi

Diploma in Aviation and Travel Operations student Nguyen Thi Hai Nhi shares how our lecturers and programme delivery have contributed to a fun academic journey for her! 

“The global pandemic has opened a door to new normals, one of which is the harmonization of modern technology and conventional teaching. Learning is beyond the school-based.

All my classmates and I can join online classes anywhere, which is mind-blowing for many of us. All activities, including presentations, are carried out as it happens in real-time. There is indeed no barrier between lecturers and students as we continue to participate actively in daily discussions which are as dynamic as usual. Bringing everybody closer and overcoming the physical distance itself while taking part in online classes helps to push us further in our studies. I have never felt left behind because my lecturers always respond to my question as though they are right in front of us. In order to stimulate us during the e-Learning lesson, my lecturers share their stories and case studies along with concepts and definitions making lessons more interesting. My classes are always filled with laughter.

It feels good to be back in school when the campus reopened and we got to interact with one another in person. My lecturers also continue to bring invaluable lessons to my life and I consider myself very fortunate as I get to experience both of these learning methods concurrently.

SISH Institute has created valuable experiences and made my learning journey more enjoyable.”




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