Communications Workshop for DHO students

Our DHO students are currently in a Communications Workshop by Elizabeth Lee, the author of Bring Out The Champ in You, an inspiring guidebook for people to discover their unique potential.




Elizabeth is an accredited professional coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation. She is also a Newfield Certified Coach and is Certified in Conversational Intelligence.




Organised by Mr Edwin, the Head of E-Learning, this highly interactive workshop will help students to develop the skills needed for their interview next week.




This workshop also aims to help students who are struggling with self-doubt, and help them to gain a better understanding of who they are and what they can become. Elizabeth emphasised greatly on identifying one’s strength and weaknesses; ranging from professional to social skills.




The hospitality industry is a very fast-paced environment that deals with people on a daily basis. Integral skills and attributes such as communication, self esteem, and determination are needed to survive in this dynamic field.




We hope students have a fruitful and meaningful session with Elizabeth. This great learning experience will be able to allow students to discover their potential and create better relationships with others. We would like to thank Elizabeth for coming down and facilitating such an enjoyable and purposeful session.

To learn more about Elizabeth’s book; Bring Out The Champ in You, please click here.


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