Congratulations CHIA-Certified VATEL Students!

CHIA – Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics is a professional certification conferred by the STR (Smith Travel Reports,, AHLA (American Hotel and Lodging Association, through its academic institute, AHLEI (American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute,, and CHRIE (Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education, CHIA is the only hotel-related certification for industry professionals focused on analytics. This certification provides recognition of thorough knowledge of the foundational metrics, definitions, formulas and methodologies used by the industry. Vatel Singapore – SISH Institute (, is the first in Singapore and perhaps in Southeast Asia to successfully train for the CHIA certification since October 2014.

Hotels and leisure operators are turning to advanced analytics solutions for clues about how to keep their customers happy. In this digital age, the prolific use of information technology is in almost all aspects of human activity. With analytical exploitation of their online data, hoteliers can go beyond their traditional loyalty programs and deepen their knowledge of guests in order to develop a more granular understanding of segment behavior, needs, and expectations; identify profitable customer segments and their buying preferences; and identify strategic opportunities to attract new guests. Essentially, predictive analytics can offer valuable insights for your hotel management strategy.

As of December 2017, SISH is proud to say we have 26 CHIA-Certified passers – 3 lecturers and 23 Vatel graduates/students. The passing rate so far is 17 out of 24 candidates or 71% as of June 2017. This year, we have the following successful passers: Anu Ilakkiya Jayaprakash, Bertina Hindarto, Chloe Lau Sher Lee, Reina Arfan Lie, Stella Chioh Pei Xuan, Yulia Penkina, Daria Goreva, Theingi Kyaw, Daehyun Lee, Keith Lin QianJia, Ngo Thanh Ngoc Zoey, Pham Hong Ngoc, To Nguyen Huy Minh, Tran Vinh Hau, and Tran To My Anita. Congrats, guys!


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