Diploma Tourism Fair 20th Jan 2017

SISH Diploma students arranged a Tourism Fair with 4 booths, each featuring the culture, food, traditional costumes and tourist attractions of 4 different countries.

Once every 6 months, for the Diploma module of Travel Tourism and Hospitality, our students arrange a tourism fair as part of their practical assessment. The class is split into groups where they select the country of their choice to represent. On this occasion, the countries France, Vietnam, England and Singapore were chosen.

This team had a comprehensive tourism counter where maps, tourist attractions and flight fares were included. Their hand-made map was unique in the sense that it was created from folded pink flowers. They educated us on the tourism of Vietnam while being dressed in traditional costumes. Our favourite part of their booth was the interactive workshop on how to make your own Vietnamese vegetable spring roll.

There was a wide range of tourism facts about the whole of France which was very detailed and enlightening. The most impressive part was the table of French pastries; chocolate croissants, apple pies and lemon madeleines that were hand-made from scratch by one of our students themselves!

Artefacts from this country such as Sterling Pound notes and stamps throughout the decades were presented at this booth. Additionally, the students were well-informed on the tourism of England as they explained transport systems, tourist attractions and traditional food habits such as afternoon tea. As England does not have a traditional costume per se, our students were extremely creative by wearing a suit with suspenders or football t-shirts.

Last but not least, our beloved Singapore! Singapore is often a hard one to compile due to the diversity of Singapore’s multi-cultural population. However, the students encapsulated the Malay, Indian and Chinese traditions very well within their booths. They wore traditional costumes of all cultures while educating the visitors on tourism in Singapore and explaining old artefacts such as the ‘Chaptek’. Our personal favourite was that the booth was split into 2 tables where one represented old Singapore and the other showcased Modern-day Singapore.
It is safe to say that our students did a brilliant job and we are proud of all the effort given. Feedback forms submitted to their lecturer found that the majority of visitors were impressed with their stalls and thoroughly had a great time.


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