Forum on Asia Tourism 2017 & Hospitality Leaders Reception

Hospitality Leaders Reception – This event provides a regular networking platform for fellow hospitality professionals to engage and create. Each event also introduces an industry speaker to present relevant or upcoming products and trends. One of our preceding receptions featured the ‘Smart Bartender’, a state of the art technology that produces cocktails within seconds which was quickly purchased by a luxury hotel in Singapore. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for our hospitality students (Diploma – Masters) to increase their awareness of industry partners such as yourselves, and showcase their diverse hospitality competence to real world professionals.

Forum on Asia Tourism 2017 – An event that sees SISH Institute Singapore and Japan Kansai Tourism collaborating for the first time. The objective is to provide an interdisciplinary platform where trends, perspectives, challenges and opportunities are shared and discussed by educators, researchers and practitioners from Japan and Singapore (SISH, JCU, SMU). This is a great platform for the hospitality education sector and hospitality leaders to benefit from.

SISH Institute was extremely proud to host our inaugural Forum on Asia Tourism where we collaborated with Kansai Tourism Consortium for the first time. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to be educated beyond the walls of their classroom and gain insight to Japan’s tourism industry. The speakers were as follows:

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Yuichi Hirooka, Wakayama University, ‘General Information of Tourism in Japan’.
  • Mr. Isaac Joshua, SISH Institute, ‘Introduction to Singapore’s Hospitality Industry’.
  • Professor Chiho Minetoshi & Professor Shoko Iwata, Otemon Gaikun University, ‘The Current Tendency to Tourism and Regional Development in Areas around the World Heritage Site: The Case of Hongu-town, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture’.
  • Dr. Abhishek Singh Bhati, Campus Dean of James Cook University, ‘Disaster Management and Tourism Resilience in South East Asia’
  • Mr. Godofredo Cristobal Utanes, SISH Institute, ‘Singapore Hotel’s Use of Technology for Productivity, Customer Service and Branding’.
  • Professor Shunsaku Hashimoto, Ryukyus University, ‘Characteristics of Hotel General Manager in Japan’.

To break up the day, we also had a tea break and lunch for our guests to mingle and further their knowledge on each other’s topics. At 3pm, we began the registration for the Hospitality Leaders Reception. We had attendees from Bakery Deport, BonCafe, Bottles & Bottles, Delifrance, Fullerton Hotel, Grand Park City Hotel, Hyatt, Ingrid Consultancy, ITE, Megumi Restaurant and MOSH!

The speakers for the afternoon session were:

  • Mr. Jaycee Feng, Project Director of MOSH! , ‘New Business Opportunities and Insights in Digital Interactive Park and MOSH!’
  • Mr. Cheong Hai Poh, GM of Grand Park City Hotel & President of F&B Managers’ Association, ‘Our Dream’.

After panel discussions and presenting our speakers with tokens of appreciation, we began the networking session with some canapés and wine. We hope this event created new ideas and perspectives as well as encouraged potential future collaborations.


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