Hotel Immersion Program For Vatel Bachelor’s Students

Our Vatel Bachelor’s students are currently in an immersion in 3 hotels for their project for the Career Project module. Students are broken up into groups and assigned to different departments.

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Housekeeping withe HR Manager Yvonne Lim. Nice Link Hotel T-shirts.

In this immersion, students have to job-shadow employees, observe the operations, provide recommendations for any issues, and then complete a write-up.


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Niki and Lasar in the Reservation Dept for Rev Mgt policy creation

Orchestrated by Vatel Lecturer, Mr Utanes Fred, the goal of this immersion programme is to allow students to gain knowledge of positions within the hospitality industry and gain hands-on experience in essential day-to-day hotel operations like housekeeping, front office and more.


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Front Desk orientation with Front Desk Management.

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Stefanie and Olivia doing front desk duty in Hotel Bencoolen

This short collaboration with hotels allows our students to take a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of hotel operations. This ensures our students an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of roles and job responsibilities – and provide them with better insights for their own career planning in alignment to their own skills, preferences, and values.

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Lala and Kim want to work here as interns later


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