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Our students are currently embarking on their internship! Through this internship experience, they receive ample opportunities to further immerse themselves in a different environment and assimilate to new cultural experiences.
Read their stories below:
Xie Pei Ting
Vatel Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management
Barista – Cafe in Dongguan, China
Livin’ la Vida Mocha: Peiting is currently doing her internship as a barista in a trendy café in Dongguan, China. She is loving her internship and acquiring new skills! Word on the street is that there may be some entrepreneurship on the cards in the near future. Watch this space for more updates!
Pei Ting

Wu Ka Man
Vatel Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management
F&B Trainee – Rosewood Hotel, Hong Kong
Ka Man (second from left in image) has been with SISH Institute all the way from Diploma in Hospitality Operations and is now completing her Vatel Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management Currently doing her internship as F&B Trainee at Rosewood Hotel, Hong Kong, she has received glowing reviews from her supervisor. Ka Man has been given major responsibilities and is often in charge of overseeing operations for the entire dining lounge in the residences department.
Ka Man internship

Vatel Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management
Two Chefs Bar
Kudos to #Vatelsg student Hazard from the Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management programme who is doing his internship at Two Chefs Bar, located in the exclusive Sentosa Cove.
Pictured here with him is the Director of the restaurant, Mr Ash Aladin (right in image) and Dr Fred. One month into his internship and Hazard is on his way to mastering the recipes of 20 cocktails, 4 mocktails and 3 smoothies
Hazard shares: “I would like to say thank you to the school for helping me to secure this internship placement. Mr Barry, Mr Craig and Mr Murali have been very helpful, and through them, I have learned how to work with people from different countries and generations. I hope I am able to apply the knowledge I gained to my internship at Two Chefs Bar!”
Well done, Hazard!
Hazard internship

Vatel MBA in International Hotel Management
F&B team at Metropolitan YMCA
Karen is our #Vatelsg MBA student and currently an indispensable member of the F&B team at Metropolitan YMCA, Stevens Road. Pictured here with her supervisor, Mr Andrew, Karen is making the most of her internship. She is described as extremely hardworking and passionate to learn everything she can.
“My MBA studies have helped me to understand the importance of operational procedures and how they contribute to smooth running, even when things are pretty crazy,” she shared.
Keep up the great work, Karen!
Karen Internship

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