Luncheon event organised by SISH students in the DHO program

Food & Beverage Practical (Diploma in Hospitality Operations)

At SISH Institute, we believe in the usefulness of hands-on practical experience in aiding a student’s learning process. For the [Food & Beverage Operations] module of the Diploma in Hospitality Operations course, the students organize and host breakfast and luncheon events on the regular basis, as a form of practical experience. They are then assessed by their lecturers on different aspects such as table service and table layout, which will eventually contribute to their final mark. Every detail is personally handled by our students from designing of menus, finance management, meal preparation and service of customers. Each luncheon highlights a different menu, incorporating a variety of food items and beverages.

For this particular luncheon, the starter was the Cream of Potato soup. Followed by the main course, a delightful, and generous portion of BBQ-glazed Chicken Thigh, served with Italian-style Aglio Olio and roasted seasonable vegetables. To finish the experience off, customers were served a slice of walnut cake drizzled in chocolate sauce. The purpose of integrating regular practical assessments into the course is for the preparation of the Hospitality Industry in a real world setting.


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