Masterclass by Australian Fruit Juice, Avanti Espresso, and 1883 Syrups

Today, we are delighted to have big players from the beverage industry – Australian Fruit Juice (S) Pte Ltd, Avanti Espresso, and 1883 Syrups to co-facilitate a masterclass workshop for mocktail mixology and coffee appreciation. This masterclass was planned by Mr Isaac and Mr Clarence for Vatel Bachelor’s students as well as Inter-PEI Mocktail Competition contestants (SISH Institute, Boston Business School, MDIS, and London School of Business).




The first part of the workshop was led by Miss Jaimaica Sunshine, Brand Ambassador and Mixologist from Australian Fruit Juice (S) Pte Ltd.




Miss Sunshine, like her name, began the workshop with a warm and welcoming demeanour, and delivered an engaging and interactive presentation of a variety of mocktail techniques such as French-Pressed, Hot Infusion Siphon, and even introducing unique aspects such as oils to add a savoury taste and Activated Charcoal for detoxifying benefits.




The next segment of the workshop was conducted by Mr Tristan Destura, Brand Ambassador from 1883 Maison Routin France. With many years of experience and exposure in the beverage industry, Mr Tristan elaborated on the array of 1883 syrups, cocktail garnishes and demonstrated mocktails such as Green Tea Cosmo, Spiced Madeleine, and more. One of the most popular drinks was BBQ Popcorn Martini with a strong accent of popcorn and espresso.




The last part of the workshop was the Coffee Appreciation Training where Mr Marvin Anthony Casugbo, Sales Executive of Avanti Expresso brought the students through an enlightening segment of different coffee beans and trends in the coffee industry. The workshop came to an end with Mr Tristan Destura showcasing impressive latte art of portraits.






We hope everyone enjoyed themselves in this immersive and experiential class with our guest speakers.




For the contestants of the Inter-PEI Mocktail Competition, we hope you have acquired much essential knowledge and have gathered insights for your recipes and bar performance on the day of competition. Have fun and we will see you soon!


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