MBA Vatel Alumni Spotlight: Kshitij Kharkar

Graduating from Vatel Singapore as a global citizen has led Kshitij to various stints in several countries including Singapore, Dubai and USA! Currently a bartender at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, Kshitij shares how Vatel curriculum has prepared him for his career after graduation!

Why did you choose to enrol in Vatel Singapore?

Singapore was always a place I wanted to visit, either for tourism or for study or work. When I realized that Vatel is based in Singapore, it was an opportunity I could not say “No” to. 

What was your most memorable experience during your time in Vatel Singapore?

My time in Vatel was a very memorable experience throughout the year. The school has great lecturers and a mix of students coming from all over the world, as well as a comfortable atmosphere with the students and lecturers working together in great harmony. Some of my most memorable education highlights include being under the guidance of Mr Koh, who taught us communications skills, Dr Mamata for MIS and Dr Sheng who taught us Organizational Management, all these were great additions to our learning journey.

We also had other extracurricular activities during which we went to the Raffles Hotel as a visit, witnessed a high court case in the Singapore Supreme Court and visited some other cultural centres. We as students had a lot of opportunities to explore the various locations in Singapore. 

How did Vatel Singapore prepare you for your career?

I would highly recommend studying at Vatel Singapore as it gives a broader perspective on the operational management of business operations. It opens more doors as to what it takes to maximize the operational side of a hotel, and gives us a better understanding of the industry, widening our scope and understanding of the hotel and tourism industry. 

To have the opportunity of studying and working in Singapore is a great experience that must not be missed for anyone looking to pursue their further studies.

SISH gave me great working experience at Tippling Club Singapore, where I could use and apply the knowledge I gained from the modules and fathom the principles of my learnings. 

I had the opportunity to go to Dubai for work in the Ritz Carlton DXB. Though the work was restaurant and bar-based, the learning and experience gained from this stint have greatly helped me grasp a lot of information and operational aspects in the overall working style and management of the hotel.

After the Middle East, my next move was to the sunny side of California USA. That again was a drastic change from working in Dubai. Though that was a year’s experience for me, it definitely furthers my understanding of working in hotel operations. 

I am grateful that Vatel has transformed me into a global citizen as I develop cultural awareness along the way in my career journey, having worked in so many different countries and embracing the different cultures.


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