Miscellaneous Fees

Purpose of FeeAmount (with GST, if any)
Course Application Fee
(Inclusive of Student’s Pass Processing Fee)
$110 per application (Local applicants)
$220 per application (Applicants from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and South Asia)
$370 per application (Other international applicants)
Student’s Pass Processing Fee
(to pay direct to ICA)

$45 (with effect from 1 April 2024)
Student’s Pass Issuance Fee
(to pay direct to ICA)
Multiple Journey Visa (if applicable)
(to pay direct to ICA)
Re-application of Student’s Pass$51 per re-application
Renewal of Student’s Pass
(Inclusive of ICA charges)
$200 per renewal
ICA Medical Examination
(to pay direct to the clinic)
Up to $65 (as charged by the clinic) for doctor’s consultation, HIV test, chest x-ray & medical report
For express service, up to $100 (or as charged by the clinic)
Course Progression Fee
(Inclusive of ICA charges)
$150 per progression (for students who require Student’s Pass)
$120 per progression (for students who do not require Student’s Pass)
Re-module$1,020 per re-module (for all courses & UWL)
For UWL modules, as charged by UWL
External Examination FeeAs charged by external examination bodies
Extension of FPS InsuranceAs charged by FPS Provider
Proof of Study$25 per letter
Re-Examination$205 per re-examination
Examination Results Appeal$52 per module (for all courses, except UWL)
For UWL modules, as charged by UWL
Courier Service
Zone 2 – China, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan – $50 per collection
Zone 3 – India, Japan – $60 per collection
Zone 5 – UK, France – $80 per collection
Other countries – as charged by DHL per collection
Late Payment Charges10% of the outstanding payment
Extension Fee
(Dissertation Submission Date)
For 3rd Year to 4th Year student = $2,000 per extension
For 4th Year to 5th Year student = $3,000 per extension
SISH Uniform Accessories$50


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