Mr Craig Albrightson: Challenges and Opportunities of teaching on campus and online

We hear from SISH Associate Dean, Mr Craig Albrightson, as he shares his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of teaching on campus and online. 

“As the vast majority of my students are digital natives, it makes sense that they assimilated the online environment with great ease. Of course, not everyone will adapt at the same speed, but the strong sense of community among our students meant that each new idea or understanding was communicated efficiently. 

For me, the main difference between online and in-person classes has been the speed of informal feedback. In school, when I need to communicate with my students, I can just pop into their classroom or they can come and find me. With the online component, we need to be sure to keep communication channels open and clear. Small things like hanging around at the end of an online lesson or messaging students now and then to check on them make a world of difference. 

The variety of online tools draw on individual learning styles and this can help students to become more versatile learners.”


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