Record-Breaking News! (Literally)

Record-Breaking News! (Literally)

SISH now holds the Singapore record for the ‘Largest Display of Folded Napkins With A Total of 400 Folds showcasing 20 Designs’! As many of you may have noticed, we have been organising a series of events in honour of SISH’s 10th year anniversary throughout 2017. We wanted to do something unique and attention-grabbing and what could be more exciting than setting a new record?!

Before commencing, the napkins were pressed and starched to ensure that they retain their shape for the momentous occasion. Starting from Wednesday, 26th of April, we folded 80 of the simpler napkin designs to prepare for the big event on Friday. 220 napkins were folded on Thursday and an hour before a representative from the Singapore Book of Records arrived, we folded the last 80 napkins to complete an astounding number of 400 napkins!

The 20 different designs were:
1. Artichoke
2. Arum’s Lily
3. Bishops Hat
4. Bread Basket
5. Candlefold
6. Cocks Comb
7. Crown
8. Cutlery Pocket
9. Diamond Pouch
10. Double Norwegian Glacier
11. French Fold
12. Frog Fold
13. Lotus
14. Pyramid
15. Rose Bud
16. Samosa
17. Silvery Pouch
18. Single Fan
19. Single Norwegian Glacier
20. Tuxedo

This new record set would have not been possible without some truly awesome individuals who gave their full commitment to help us. We would like to thank the staff members, Mr. Arun Pakalapati, Ms. Julie and Mr. Clarence for organising and coordinating this event. Thank you to Mr. Jonathan Pillai and Mandarin Orchard Hotel for providing the majority of the napkins. Thank you to the Singapore Book of Records for taking the time to recognise and certify our record, Ms. Mariati was a pleasure to host. Most importantly, we would like to thank our students (Jaskaran, Harpreet Natt, Ninder, Maninder, Navjot, Neeraj, Simrandeep, Akshay and Mandeep) who produced impeccable folded napkin designs.


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