School Visit by Global City Innovative College, ​Manila

Yesterday, we extend our warm welcome to students from Global City Innovative College – Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Global City Innovative College is a private college at the heart of Makati City, Manila. A total of 15 students and 1 faculty member arrived at about 2pm to SISH city campus for a short visit.

The objective of the visit is to be part of a larger effort for benchmarking purposes – allowing a platform for institutes to understand their placing in international standard to enhance their own educational systems, curriculum structure, and teaching content. In addition, this also provides an opportunity for institutes to discuss about possible collaboration.   

The first part of the presentation was presented by Mr Barry Hayes, a senior lecturer from Vatel Singapore. He introduced topics such as the culture and history of Singapore, as well as the local tourism scene and trends in the hospitality industry. The second part of the presentation was conducted by Mr Jonny Zhu, SISH’s senior education consultant. He focused on the variety of courses available in SISH and spoke more about the dynamism of campus life and activities in SISH.

SISH is happy to provide comparative experiences for educational institutes. We hope the Philippine students enjoyed themselves and acquired basic knowledge about the hospitality scene in Singapore and SISH’s curriculum.


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