SISH alumni spotlight: Anita Tran

“Completing my MBA studies with Vatel Singapore is one of the best decisions I have made so far!  Although I have working experience in the hospitality industry before joining this programme, during my course of studies, I realise I had learnt a lot from my lecturers and classmates. The knowledge and life experiences will definitely get me ready for my future career.

One of the greatest things I have gained from Vatel will be the friendship with my beloved lecturers. They have done more than just teach, they have always been available for any struggles I faced in school. Inspired by their enthusiasm, I applied for a university lecturer role in Vietnam and I am happy to share that I got accepted! Although this is only the start of my journey, I believe that I am well prepared by Vatel Singapore,” shares Anita, Vatel MBA alumna, class of 2016.

Our MBA program is designed to prepare motivated, tech-savvy management professionals with the business expertise and technical knowledge vital for success in today’s ever-changing landscape.

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Anita Tran with Group Photo

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