SISH Alumni Spotlight: Ariunaa Enkhamgalan

An icon of a multicultural campus, alumna Ariunaa (Diploma of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Class of 2016) shares with us the highlights of her journey at SISH.

Why did you choose to enrol in SISH Institute?

I came to Singapore from Mongolia two years earlier to learn English. During that period, I did not know any English and only knew a few people. Over time, as I completed my English studies, I could hold conversations with others well, but I had little knowledge about starting a business or what to do with my career. I had a friend that had just enrolled in SISH and she strongly recommended that I join too. 

I had a dream to open a hotel in Mongolia and knew I needed to learn more in order to pursue this dream of mine. I enrolled in the Diploma of Hospitality and Tourism Management, which was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

Where are you currently working at and can you briefly describe your job scope?

 After graduating from SISH, I pivoted my study path towards business and marketing. I then pursued a business degree and joined the workforce. I am currently managing communities and doing content creation for one of the world’s largest social networks.

What was the most memorable part of your education? What is a specific moment in the classroom or during the application process where you knew you were on a path to your future career?

I loved the group activities and sharing my Mongolian culture with my classmates. There was one particular event, where students from different countries came together to share some of the highlights of our culture. I was so excited about this, I went down to the Mongolian Embassy in Singapore and shared with them the details of the event. They were very supportive and even lent me props such as hats, national costumes and more so I could show my classmates the environment and culture I grew up in, and express my national pride. I was elated when our group won the first prize for this event!

How do you feel you are better prepared for your future career?

My Diploma from SISH is something I am very proud of. It was the first certificate that I achieved and this has opened paths for me to pursue my further education and land my first job. Joining SISH is more than just studying; it was the interaction with other students, group activities, and events that allowed me to grow. I also took that opportunity to practice my English, picked up some career tips, as well as forging new friendships during my time at SISH.

What advice would you offer to current and future students?

 My experience at SISH was fun, friendly and it really pushed me to grow as a person. It is impossible to know what the future holds but the best advice I can give is – Give it a go, listen to your heart and learn new things. Say yes to new opportunities and push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.


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