SISH Alumni Spotlight: Rovina

Enrolling as an advanced diploma student and thereafter pursuing her Vatel Bachelor’s Degree, Rovina’s efforts and skills landed her a job as Duty Manager at Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak. Rovina is doing us proud and is proof that a degree in hotel management can give you a head start in the industry. She is confident that the education she received from SISH, combined with excellent hands-on experience in a luxury hotel have set her for success in the hospitality industry. 

How has SISH and Vatel prepared you for your career path?

Hospitality is a huge industry.

SISH and Vatel programmes gave me insights on what are the options out there waiting for me. I remember we had several out of classroom activities such as visiting The Fullerton Hotel (where I ended up doing my second internship) and a Spanish restaurant (as part of European Studies for Culinary and Beverages).

Also, my classmates come from different countries, such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hongkong, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and more! This has prepared me for the multicultural workplace environment, where part of my job scope is to handle guests from all over the world.

Any tips on how one can prepare for a career in this industry?

Majoring in Hospitality Management is the first step. From there, you will start to discover the area of hospitality that you are most passionate about pursuing as a career. Once you find it, enhance your skills related to that career.

For example, if you are interested in hotel revenue management, you can take extra courses for CHIA (Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics). This diversifies you from other graduates and enhances both your employability and your mobility.

With classmates

All the best Rovina!


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