SISH Alumni Spotlight: Sylvain Frances

Today we are featuring Sylvain Frances in today’s alumni spotlight! Sylvain joined SISH as an advanced diploma student and thereafter continued his studies with Vatel, pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree. Having gained skills and experience from his stint at Four Seasons in France, he went on to become the General Manager of Et Voila!, a restaurant in Washington DC specialising in Belgian cuisine.

How did SISH/Vatel prepare you for your career? 

The SISH/ Vatel program is exactly the type of program I was looking for! Overall, I feel that each module I took in my program provided me with the additional knowledge that enhances my preparation in addressing questions that arise in my work as an F&B Manager. SISH was the perfect launching pad to continue my career; I arrived in Singapore with a strong base hospitality experience but a lot of dreams to be realised. 

My first objective was to be able to express myself with perfect English and both my lectures and classmates helped me a lot at that point. Today when I look back, SISH was the perfect move to start a successful life!

sylvain and classmates
sylvain presentation

What was your most memorable experience during your time at SISH Institute?

I have a lot of good memories with SISH, I was part of the first team winning the first soccer tournament of SISH and it was just memorable. I will not forget all the memories shared with all my classmates from various countries all over the world! 


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