SISH Alumni Spotlight: Tiffany

Follow Tiffany’s journey on how she leverages her SISH education as a launching pad for success in various fields! 

“From hospitality knowledge to soft skills, SISH has definitely prepared me thoroughly for the workforce. During my postgraduate studies, I remember that we were given a project that tested our observation skills, and my team and I went to several tourist attractions and hotels, where we met and interviewed many people. While we learned new things, we also had a great trip with our friends and these experiences won’t be easily forgotten. During one of the sharing sessions by my lecturers, the phrase “To work with Passion and Heart” resounded with me, and it has stuck with me for years since joining the workforce. After completion of my studies, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work in various roles in the hotel and tourism industry. Thank you, SISH!”

Tiffany is currently working in Hyatt Regency Bali as an Assistant Manager (Events Planning), utilising the skills and experience she acquired over the years. 

All the best Tiffany!


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