SISH Alumni Zoey’s Vatel MBA Journey

Follow the story of Zoey’s Vatel MBA journey, and get some great insights on what Vatel can offer for your future career! She also shares the factors she took into consideration when pursuing higher education and how she ultimately selected Vatel Singapore as her final choice.

What have you been up to since graduating? 

After finishing my studies, I secured a job as a reservation agent at Pullman Phu Quoc Resort, one of the premium hotel brands of the French Accor Group. 

How was your experience as an international student studying in Vatel Singapore?

I am a Vietnamese student who had the opportunity to study and experience life in Singapore while doing my MBA programme in hotel tourism management with Vatel Singapore. During my 2 years of experience in Singapore and studies at SISH Institute, I accumulated extensive knowledge needed for my current job.

Studying abroad is not easy and the factors I have taken into consideration include schools, tuition, teaching quality, curriculum, and internship opportunities. 

Internship component that schools can offer to the students is really important to me. In the hospitality industry, theory is fundamental and practice is the key. This is why I researched a lot about the internship opportunities offered by the school. Vatel was my final choice and I have never regretted it.

How has Vatel prepared you for your career path?

When I first saw the modules that I would be taking for my MBA programme, I was in shock. This is because the subjects are very detailed and they cover many issues in business administration, especially specialising in hotel management. I have learned a lot from the assignments as well as the field trips that the school provided during the 12 months of theoretical study. The lecturers are extremely patient people with vast knowledge and are always willing to guide students. They can also be your friends who would give you advice when you need them. 

I also had the opportunity to do my internship at Sofitel Singapore City Center at Tanjong Pagar. The experience was tiring but it was worth every single moment. 

I am really happy to be part of Vatel Singapore. I am delighted to know that the school is on its way to becoming a more successful educational institute. Do consider Vatel as an option for your future!

All the best Zoey!

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