SISH’s first ever French Cellar Wine Workshop

Our Vatel bachelor students attending the first ever The French Cellar wine appreciation workshop last night in SISH Casablanca classroom. This fun and interactive workshop was facilitated by a pair of friendly trainers who are alumni of Vatel France. Founded in 2013 by Vincent Morello and Eric Joubert, The French Cellar imports exclusive French wines directly from French vineyards, carefully selected by famous sommelier Mr. Nicolas Rebut, former Chef Sommelier of the 3-star Michelin restaurants, Louis XV (Monaco) and Le Meurice (Paris).

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This is a collaboration to promote their wine within Singapore and to educate our students about basic wine production, vineyards, wine-makers, wine lingos, and of course, enjoy a session of wine tasting.

Bachelor Vatel student Priyanka says “It was actually fun! They (the trainers) were so friendly.” She continues “I generally hate the taste of wine. But after this session, I can see myself drinking wine in the future without hesitation!” She ended the short chat with us with a raving review for The French Cellar wine appreciation workshop. “It was a really knowledgeable session and they made a girl who doesn’t like wine start getting used to it so I think it was a really amazing personal session!” Another Bachelor student Trang says “It’s interesting. Wines are good. We learned a lot about the different types of wine and the variety of grapes from each region of France.”

We hope all students thoroughly enjoyed this fun session and have gained more knowledge about wine production and appreciation.


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