SISH Inaugural Inter-PEI Mocktail Competition 23rd June 2017

2017 marks the 10th year anniversary of SISH Institute and to commemorate this momentous occasion, we have arranged a numerous number of events such as an Instagram giveaway competition, setting a new Singapore record and raising money for SPD by participating in the Spartan race. This inaugural inter-private education institution mocktail competition is one of the events held in honour of our 10th year anniversary but we hope to continue the tradition and hold this contest annually. SISH Institute’s students will utilised this event to gain experience for the National Cocktail competition on the 17th and 18th of July, later on this year. The SISH Institute winners of this competition will be our representatives.
In the weeks leading up to this event, our main organizer, Mr. Clarence Lua, has provided a complimentary briefing for all participants in order to further aid them in their recipe preparation.
On our front panel, we have:

  • Chief Judge: Mr. Lens Gwee, Vice-President of Food and Beverage Management Association & EAM of Furama City Centre
  • Showmanship Judge A: Mr. Terence Teh, Beverage Manager of Mandarin Orchard, Singapore
  • Showmanship Judge B: Mr. Jared Victor, Professional Bartender from CHIJMES Refuge
  • Showmanship Judge C: Mr. Clement, from Corner Stone Wine/ Hong Tong Bee

And on our back panel, we have:

  • Tasting Panel Judge: Mr. Jonathan Pillai, Food and Beverage Director of Mandarin Orchard, Singapore
  • Tasting Panel Judge: Mr. Barry Hayes, 30 years Hospitality Veteran from the UK

Lots were drawn randomly by the participants to determine the order of their performance. The judges and participants were also briefed to ensure they understood the flow of the event. The judging criteria will be based on the competitor, knowledge, hygiene and work ethics, skills, quality of product, timing and taste. A maximum of 5 minutes was allowed for the participants to make their mocktail, any additional time had a consequence of mark deductions. All the participants had interesting ingredients and the showmanship overall was excellent.
The top 5 results were:

  • 4th Runner Up: Carmelita Lamintao from London School of Business and Finance (Kiwana Sunburst)
  • 3rd Runner Up: Huynh Ngoc Bao Tran from London School of Business and Finance (Will XO)
  • 2nd Runner Up: Thae Yu Yu from SISH Institute (Tropical Jazz)
  • 1st Runner Up: Xie Pei Ting from SISH Institute (Pinky Summer)
  • Champion: Mandeep Kaur from SISH Institute (Sweet Pinki)

A huge congratulations to our very own students sweeping up the top 3 places, we were extremely proud of your performance and this goes to show that hard work pays off. Additionally, congratulations to the other 2 winners from London School of Business and Finance. Thank you to our judges and PEIs for participating in this event; every competition is a learning experience which is especially important for students. A certificate of participation was sent out to every participant from the respective schools. Our chief judge Mr. Lens Gwee was extremely impressed with what a small school such as SISH Institute can achieve. He is confident we can reach more milestones and handle greater responsibility which gives us confidence and recognition. We hope to see some familiar faces at the SHAKEDOWN next year!


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