SISH​ ​Year​-End​ Open House ​Party 2017

On 24 November, SISH held an Year-End Party to celebrate SISH’s 10 years of achievements and to welcome new opportunities for the incoming year. SISH has the great pleasure of welcoming guests, students, alumni, and industrial partners to network and have fun together! Students and lecturers worked together to transform level 11 into a fun fair with creative activities, a mini restaurant for the VIP, an area for the career booths, and a spread of yummy catered food, refreshments, and snacks.


Guests, students, alumni, and industrial partners arrived at the city campus at about 12pm to a delectable buffet and a fun set up of games, popcorn booth, and a churro cart. The event commenced with a fun, interactive and intensive game of Musical Chairs! Brilliantly organised by the Student Council, it was an enjoyable and hilarious game that kept everyone highly entertained. Even the lecturers joined in!


Some of our alumni then took the stage to give a short presentation – sharing their career paths, offering insight, and introducing their companies to students. This event thus provided a space for alumni to connect, inspire, and share their wisdom with current students. After which there were more superb performances by students – an Indian dance that kept some audiences grooving on the floor, singing performances by Chinese students, and last but not least, a mass choir consisting of VATEL students and senior lecturer Mr Fred and a few other students on the guitar performing a joyful carol of Christmas ballads.

The objective of the Year-End Open House event was for prospective students to explore the campus and school curriculum, and talk to current students about their learning journey. We hope they have a fruitful day of discovery at the Year-End Open House.


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