Slowly but Surely

Vatel Bachelor’s Degree student, Ming Hong (4th from left in image above) has always been a quiet and humble guy. Nearing completion of his undergraduate studies, he shares his personal experience studying with SISH Institute.

“Studying for my Bachelor’s Degree meant I had to do presentations almost every single day. I have never had the confidence to speak in front of an audience. However, with the help of my lecturers, I managed to overcome my fear (although there is still room for improvement). It has helped me to improve my speaking, writing and self-confidence.

Doing projects has also helped me to acquire professional knowledge and skill sets which are relevant to the industry. SISH Institute also organises visits to top hotels in Singapore and invites guest speakers to the school. Campus life is really engaging and my classmates and I have built a profound friendship during my course of study here. If you are looking to increase the value of your undergraduate diploma, Singapore is a fabulous choice!”


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