SO Sofitel Hotel Tour for ADHTM Students

Last Friday, our Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (ADHTM) students and Adjunct Lecturer Miss Yee Huey headed to SO Sofitel Singapore for a hotel tour. This out of the classroom activity allows our ADHTM students to catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the dynamic luxurious hotel industry, and acquire and in-depth understanding of hotel operational and managerial operations in a 5-star luxury boutique hotel.


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The hotel tour commenced at the lobby, where Ms Margarita, VIP Liaison Officer, and Ms Esther Yang, Talent and Culture Executive, gave a thorough introduction about the hotel’s sophisticated style and the hotel’s background about their trademark of infusing French elements with the Singaporean local culture. SO Sofitel is housed in a heritage-listed conserved building, and students also learned about its accolades that they have been awarded over the years.


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The students also got the opportunity to explore and tour the hotel’s suites which are designed after traditional Parisian apartments with regal neoclassical balconies. Under the guidance of Ms Kelly Cho, Assistant Director of Events, the students also learned about the outstanding features of each room – free Wi-Fi, Apple-based guest technology, and a Sleep and Wake Up Device. Our students now gained a greater understanding of key guest-facing technology in hotels that can greatly optimise guest satisfaction and exceptional guest experience.


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The students also toured So Sofitel’s restaurant – Xperience Restaurant with F&B Manager, Pragash Muthusamy. Students also met the Chef Executive, Ms Chloe and Chef De Partie, Mr Sunny, and held an impromptu discussion about their roles in the kitchen and how they constantly seek the newest edges of innovation for gastronomical food and beverage. Next, the students also got an exciting glimpse of the pool and the rooftop Hi-So Bar, which was recently renovated and opened its doors to the public a few days ago.

Our students even got the opportunity to interact the with Mr Rushdee Hosany, Interim General Manager at SO Sofitel Singapore. Student Daniel Kang says “I learned the history of the hotel and explored most of the facilities. And the hotel was so kind to give each of us a drink!” For student Spersh Shirrgaonkar, she mentioned the staff was really welcoming and everyone got to know interesting facts about the hotel.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves in such an immersive and experiential learning activity. More hotel tours to come!


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