Student Council Election Day 21 March 2017

Every 6 months, we rotate the student representatives that sit on the Student Council. This time around, we have removed the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, & Public Relations Officer to replace it with a general Student Council Board. The purpose of the Student Council is to be a voice for the study body. Therefore, we aim to have representatives from varying education programs e.g. Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor’s and MBA.

All the students of SISH Institute had the opportunity to ask each candidate questions about why they should be voted for the Student Council. Voters may vote for more than one candidate if they believe multiple are suitable.

After the ballots have been counted by our student council mentors, we had a total number of 55 votes. We are proud to announce the results!

*drumroll please*

Let’s us give a huge round of applause to your new student council:

Matthew Moran (DHTM)
Crystal Lam Ka Yan (DHTM)
Harsh Wadhwani (ADHTM)
Maninder Kaur (DHO)
Kevin Abraham (MBA)

Vu Ngoc Hong Nhung (BDIHM) will be serving as Student Associate as she will be graduating in 3 months’ time


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