VATEL MBA Field Trip to Singapore Yacht Club – 05 Sept 2017

On 5th September, our VATEL MBA students went to the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club for a field trip. Through such excursions, students are able to gain fresh insights from discussions with the employees there, as well as get a firsthand understanding of the club management and food and beverage operations. Students interacted with the management team and attendants, appreciating a uniquely integrated hospitality operations – hotel, F&B, marina, and gaming. Singapore Yacht Club’s General Manager, Kellvin Ong was present to share the essence of sales, networking, and finance knowledge in managing a hotel with the students. He encouraged students to ask questions and hold discussions to learn as much as they can.

During the field trip, students also learned about the seamless yacht parking management and berthing procedures for arriving vessels. Students were also invited to enter huge facilities such as their ballrooms and conference rooms that are readily available for events such as banquets, seminars, weddings, and so on. Through this experience, students are able to gain firsthand exposure of the process of preparation before the commencement of the event and the arrival of guests.

The field trip also covered Singapore Yacht Club’s accommodation, reception, booking system, and hotel service. Students get to enter different rooms (Superior Room to Apartment Suites). Such out-of-classroom activities provides a great dynamic experience journey for our students.


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