Vatel MBA Webinar: “Taste the Folklorico Wave at Santa Fe Tex-Mex”

Vatel MBA Webinar: “Taste the Folklorico Wave at Santa Fe Tex-Mex”

A webinar organized by the Vatel Singapore MBA students that aimed to bring industry in the classroom setting.

In collaboration with Santa Fe Tex-Mex, a trendy restaurant offering Mexican comfort classics, restaurant CEO Mr Daryl Saw (2nd from right in picture), was the main guest speaker. With a big sense of humility and astute business acumen, the young entrepreneur shared the challenges that the business is currently facing and what is being done to minimize damages brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, hence, better position itself for market recovery.

He generously detailed the measures he is undertaking, achieving his modest success operating this unique enterprise amid the current crisis.

There are many lingering questions entrepreneurs ponder upon during these uncertain times. A couple of them were: “Am I alone in this challenge brought about by the crisis?” or “How can I get out of this economic crisis?”

The young Singaporean entrepreneur answered these questions and others in the open. Furthermore, his plan to franchise the business concept was one of the most-asked items among the participants in the webinar.

The event was a notable success that benefited the Vatel Singapore students who organised it and the audience consisting of mostly students and several professionals from Canada, Indonesia, Mongolia, Singapore and other countries. The webinar was delivered simultaneously on Instagram Live and Zoom.


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