What can I do with a Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree?

The tourism and hospitality industry is an umbrella covering a sea of fun and engaging careers, from being a food and beverage manager on a high-end cruise line to organising music festivals.

According to the WTTC Report 2019, 420 million jobs will be generated by the travel and tourism industry by the year 2029.

In an industry that is constantly growing and evolving new trends, why not jump on board and explore the options?

Here are 15 career options you may pursue with a Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree!

Hotel Industry

  • General Manager

The general manager is responsible for all aspects of operations at the hotel, including day-to-day staff management and guests. You will provide leadership and strategic planning to all departments in support of our service culture, maximised operations and guest satisfaction, as well as work closely with the hotel owners and other stakeholders.

  • Director of Food and Beverage

As a Director of Food and Beverage, you will be an ambassador for the exceptional service and cuisine that are hallmarks of our dining experience. Food and beverage managers require great management skills to ensure the labour and financial goals of the organisation are maintained.

  • Director of Human Resources

In this role, you are responsible for the smooth and profitable operation of a company’s human resources department. You supervise and provide consultation to management on strategic staffing plans, compensation, benefits, training and development, budget and labour relations.

  • Director of Sales and Marketing 

The Director of Sales and Marketing is responsible for the daily sales efforts and is responsible for the overall positioning of the hotel, brand communication and the development of customers for the property including Rooms, Dining Outlets and Events.

  • Director of Security

The Security Director manages a staff of security guards and surveillance personnel, who are responsible for patrolling and inspecting the organisation’s property against theft, fire, vandalism, and terrorism, as well as ensuring the safety of personnel and visitors while on or about the organisation’s premises.

  • Director of Talent Development

Responsibilities of the Talent Development Director include scheduling employee training programmes, implementing regular performance evaluations and designing succession planning policies. You will also help to m maintain an equal employment opportunity environment.

  • Executive Housekeeper

In this role, you plan the work for the housekeeping department and distributes assignments. You will manage many priorities and demands, able to solve problems, support staff, as well as perform the duties of a housekeeper when required.

  • Finance Director

As a Finance Director, you are responsible for the financial health of a company or organisation, You will also have to produce financial reports and developing strategies based on financial research. Your role also includes guiding senior executives in making sound business decisions in the long and short term.

  • Front Office Manager

You will be the first point of contact for your hotel. Duties include ensuring the front desk provides a professional and friendly service for the guest, and you also have to offer administrative support across the organisation, acting as a liaison between General Manager and staff.

  • Director of Events Operations

As the Director of Events Operations, you will oversee all preparations for various events including food, beverage, special guest requests and entertainment. It is the perfect job for great communicators who enjoy seeing others have a great time!

Food and Beverage

  • Manager of Restaurants

The Restaurant Manager oversee the daily operations of a restaurant location. Their responsibilities include hiring and training staff, coordinating employee schedules, and ensuring company protocols are being followed, They also plan the menu, order supplies, manage budgets and resolve customer complaints among.

  • Manager of Food Production and Logistics 

In this role, you oversee the warehouse, inventory control, material handling, customer service, transportation and prepare worker schedules. You are also in charge of controlling the flow of incoming materials and outgoing finished products to ensure customers receive products on time.

Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE)

  • Operations and Administration Manager

Your role includes administrative, business and facilities support functions, maintenance of office equipment, procurement of supplies and relationships with vendors and service providers.


  • Director of Sales and Marketing (Integrated Resorts)

Your role includes providing day to day leadership to sales associates to achieve property sales objectives with overall responsibility for achieving booking goals and property revenues.


Aside from the traditional areas of hotels and F&B, the opportunities for hospitality and tourism-related entrepreneurship are vast. Some examples include:

  • Travel and Tour
  • Recruitment Specialists
  • Spa, Health and Fitness
  • Hotel
  • Food and Beverage Establishments
  • Equipment and Chemical Suppliers
  • Property Development Companies
  • Management Information Systems

Choosing a Hospitality degree will get you accustomed to working in an international environment and being more in tune with the needs of guests from different social and cultural backgrounds.

Vatel’s Degree in International Hotel Management can help you succeed in this ever-changing career field through our programme!

Students will undergo an internship in the industry at the end of their Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management programme. For more information, contact our friendly consultants here!


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