Wine Workshop by Barossa Wine School

Today, we have the pleasure of Barossa Wine School to conduct an interactive and highly comprehensive wine workshop for our Vatel MBA students as well as Diploma in Hospitality Operations (DHO) students. In this 2 hours introductory course, students learned about the history of Barossa, winemaking and production, and a plethora of wine styles.


Barossa Wine workshop


Lecturers also participated in this workshop – they sat together with the students and joined in the fun of soaking in the heritage of Barossa and understanding viticulture.


Barossa Wine Workshop


Facilitated by Mr Harold Duncan from Australia, students tasted an array of wine types ranging from Sparkling to Fortified wines. Students and lecturer were also introduced to the technique of wine tasting using sight, smell and taste to assess the quality and different styles of wines.


Barossa Wine Workshop


At the end of the course, students and lecturers were given a short examination of multiple choice questions. A certificate will be presented if the pass mark is 70%. We hope all students thoroughly enjoyed this fun session and have gained more knowledge about wine production and appreciation.


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